Final Friday Faculty Focus to mark the end of an amazing fortnight

Jeremy Turner
Final Friday Faculty Focus to mark the end...

The final Final Friday Faculty Focus to mark the end of our latest Marking and Feedback fortnight was a really positive way to end an excellent period of time at BMS where we have all been involved in capturing superb examples of how teachers and teaching assistants across the whole school are fully supporting all students to make great progress.

Miss Booth and Miss Morrin – two superb teachers from our ‘most improved’ faculty for 2018 – the Science Faculty, reminded staff about the power of asking students questions in their books to challenge their thinking and move their learning to the next level. The students are provided with DIRT or Dedicated Improvement and Reflection Time and respond to the green pen questions with their purple pen of progress.

Research shows that this ongoing cycle of written feedback (questions) and response drives up student progress well beyond expected levels. It was  a great way to end a really positive fortnight in school.

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