Students attend SLT Meeting to discuss Marking and Feedback

Graeme Searle
Students attend SLT Meeting to discuss...
Feedback is imperative for people to learn and move forward – be it an adult receiving feedback from a tennis instructor or piano teacher or a student receiving feedback from a teacher in school.  Acting on advice from someone who owns more subject knowledge than us allows us to refine our technique and be more successful. 
The vast majority of feedback issued by teachers to students at school takes the form of verbal feedback and practical demonstrations in class, which are often the most valuable as students can act on the advice instantly.  However, some of the feedback is written feedback by teachers, the students themselves or their peers and on Wednesday this week, seven students joined the Senior Leadership Team to discuss this topic.  The students brought all of their exercise books with them to highlight strengths and areas for development with relation to marking and feedback and the hour long meeting was both enjoyable and informative.
The quality of work on display by the students was exceptional and the way that each student answered questions in front of the group and articulated themselves was equally as impressive.  The information gathered from the meeting has already been presented to the Heads of Faculty who are currently in the stages of disseminating it to their staff members, so the net result should be further whole school improvement in the field of marking and feedback.
The students in attendance were:
  • Vritika
  • Ava
  • Ayden
  • Joshua
  • Joshua
  • Gabriella
  • Ruhi
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the students involved – their input was invaluable.

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