Excellent Marking and Feedback in English at BMS

Jeremy Turner
Excellent Marking and Feedback in English at...
It was great to walk through a real variety of superb English lessons earlier this week and see how well all teachers were enabling students to capture the detailed verbal feedback being given and use it to improve their work.

Miss Farook was displaying a completed verbal feedback sticker on her Interactive Whiteboard and was encouraging the students to pick out the key strands that were pertinent to their own learning journey – linking it to closely to a exam feedback sheet, with all the assessment objectives clearly laid out for them to use as they up-skilled their work.

Detailed Exam Feedback Sheet

Verbal Feedback to Year 11 English Students from Miss Farook

Miss Spain had encouraged her students to ‘snowball’ a short story and students were using information provided via verbal feedback to create a higher level piece of writing from their initial drafts.

Students Snowballing Stories

Other staff were clearly using the verbal feedback stickers as one of many strategies to provide clear next steps to ensure ongoing progress and some were pre-printing these to include a focus on some of the key literacy skills being studied.

Personalised Verbal Feedback for each Student

Students Making a Note of the Teacher’s Verbal Advice

Verbal Feedback to Aid Progress and Achievement

Year 7 Students Capturing Teacher Feedback

All in all it was clear that our students are benefiting from some excellent teaching across the English Faculty and are making very good progress over time.
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