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PE Health and Health Faculty News (9th May – 16th May 2019)

Ashley Cartledge
PE Health and Health Faculty News (9th May...


The last 2 weeks have been a very busy time for the PE and Health Faculty with practical moderations for GCSE PE and A Level PE as well as verification meetings for the Cambridge National and Cambridge Technical courses. As ever the standard was very high and the increasing importance of students regularly taking part in sport and physical activity both in and out of school was paramount. There were some outstanding efforts by our students as they look to secure the best possible grades this summer. 


County League Athletics – Match 2

Date : Weds 8th May 2019 

On Wednesday 29th April the school competed in the second County League match of the season at Westminster Lodge Athletics Track in St Albans. The students and staff showed great effort and commitment in wet and chilly conditions. Competing schools included Parmiters, Laureate Academy, FC Academy and St Margarets School. Special mention must go to the Junior Boys team who were outright event winners with a fantastic 55 points – a brilliant result. We also had 3 individual winners and lots of podium results.

Commended performances :


Team score – 28 points – 4th

M Worley 1500m 3rd

R Wheeler 800m 1st and High Jump 3rd

S Hodge Hurdles 3rd

Relay 3rd

E Clarke Discus 3rd


Team score – 55 points – 1st

R Ismail 1500m 2nd

D Richards 300m 2nd

A Ali  100m 3rd

A Brown  200m 2nd and Shot 2nd

Q Kazmi 800m 2nd

C Martin Long Jump 3rd

M Sandu High Jump 1st

F Spencer Pole Vault 2nd

G Gonzalez-Aller Javelin 2nd

A Peters Discus 2nd


Team score – 35 points – 3rd

L Kirby 100m 1st

E Yeboah 200m 3rd

C Gonzalez-Aller 300m 3rd

M Hooper 1500m 2nd

Relay 2nd

V Fordham Triple Jump  2nd

CJ Lea  High Jump 3rd

F Mulima-Matiya Shot 3rd

M Berry Javelin 3rd


Team score – 51 points – 2nd

N Amoako  100m 2nd and Shot 3rd

M Machen 200m 3rd and Pole Vault 2nd

A Doody 400m 2nd

C Mainwaring 1500m 2nd

H Khan Hurdles 2nd and Javelin 2nd

Relay 2nd

L Enright Long Jump 2nd

P Kovar Triple Jump 2nd

A Hiron High Jump 2nd

J Norris-Ataie 3rd Discus

County League Athletics – Match 3

Date : Tues 14th May 2019

Match 3 was a particularly tough match for the Girls teams with competing schools including St Michaels. Ashlyns, Abbots Hill and Royal Masonic. Performances of the night went to Charlie Mainwaring who ran a personal best to win the Senior Boys 1500m, Maxim Sandu who won his second Junior Boys High Jump in a row and Lucie Kirby who also won her second Senior Girls 100m in a row.

Commended performances :


Team score – 18 points – 5th

R Wheeler 800m 3rd

E Clarke Discus 2nd


Team score – 48 points – 2nd

R Ismail 1500m 2nd

D Richards 300m 2nd

A Ali  100m 2nd

A Brown  200m 2nd and Shot 2nd

Q Kazmi 800m 3rd and Triple Jump 2nd

C Martin Long Jump 3rd

M Sandu High Jump 1st

G Gonzalez-Aller Javelin 3rd

A Peters Discus 3rd


Team score – 26 points – 4th

L Kirby 100m 1st

CJ Lea  High Jump 2nd

M Berry Javelin 2nd


Team score – 50 points – 2nd

N Amoako  100m 2nd

A Velautham 200m 3rd

A Doody 400m 3rd and Javelin 3rd

C Mainwaring 1500m 1st  and 2nd Shot

E Anthony 800m 2nd

H Khan Hurdles 2nd

Relay 3rd

L Enright Long Jump 3rd

P Kovar Triple Jump 3rd

A Hiron High Jump 2nd

J Norris-Ataie  Discus 3rd

T Vieru Pole Vault 1st

The other matches are on the following dates :

MATCH 4 : Thursday May 23rd 2019


MATCH 5 : Thursday June 6th 2010


MATCH 6 : Monday June 105h 2015



Under 15 Cricket v Reach Free (Division 1)

Date : Wednesday 15th May 2019

Score : BMS 67 for 5 (15 overs) Reach Free 68 for 2 (12.5 overs)

Result : Reach Free won by 2 wickets

Bowling : M Avula 1 for 11, K mehta 0 for 6, A kazmi 0 for 19, A Kothary 0 for 10, P Sandu 1 for 20

Batting : M Avula 37

Team : Maanas Avula, Aarav Kothary, Kavya Mehta, Japesh Agrawal, Dillon Bhatti, Abbas Kazmi, Toby Stevens, Hamza Dawood, Yehen Singankutta Arachchilage, Dillen Thavakumar, Petru Sandu, Oscar Knopf, Vishuwa Gunalan, Dilan Solanki

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