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Mental Health Awareness Assemblies

Graeme Searle
Mental Health Awareness Assemblies

BMS have celebrated Mental Health Awareness Week over the past five days as we wish to show our support for better mental health.

Good mental health is important for a whole variety of reasons, as it helps us to learn, allows us to express our emotions positively, form good relationships and manage change effectively.  For these reasons we wanted to support not only the students at BMS, but also the staff. Mrs Knowles and the Social Science faculty planned the week which included a range of activities that were completed during Character development Time as well as an assembly for each year group presented by Miss Kwok and Miss Lindau.

The assembly focused on the main theme of Mental Health Awareness Week this year – positive body image – and contained a lot of useful information to support all members of the BMS community in owning a positive body image. The week has been so important and so successful that BMS now plans to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week comprehensively each and every year.

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