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Marking and Feedback Fortnight – ‘Live Marking’

Jeremy Turner
Marking and Feedback Fortnight –...
At BMS we take the important role of providing clear feedback to students very seriously. Whilst we recognise that this is an ongoing part of our work as teachers and teaching assistants and a key factor in ensuring consistent progress and student success, each term we arrange a ‘Marking and Feedback Fortnight’.
During these fortnights we have a particular focus one aspect of the feedback and marking policy and translate this into improving our pedagogy across our school community.
On Monday of this week in our Monday Magic Moment in Staff Briefing Assistant Headteacher Mr Searle launched the theme of our next marking and feedback fortnight – that of ‘live marking’. Live marking provides instant feedback to students that they can act on during their learning in the lesson. What was really powerful is that Mr Searle showed a great media clip of Mr Symeou explaining a superb way of incorporating live marking into lessons. Mr Symeou is one of our talented Advanced Lead Teachers and we really appreciated his input into making us think about smart ways of approaching this important aspect of our practice.
As parents and carers you can play your part in this ongoing journey by encouraging your children to ensure that they have perfected their presentation in their books (underlined all titles in colour with a rule and added the date to all work), completed all their assessment stickers and responded to questions and instructions in green pen from the teacher in their own purple pen of progress.
We strive for success and if we all work together we will achieve it.
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