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One Amazing Act of Kindness!

Jeremy Turner
One Amazing Act of Kindness!

At Bushey Meads we talk a lot about ‘Having a Mind to Be Kind’ so it was really fantastic to receive a wonderful letter from a member of the public who took the trouble to write to me about one of our Year 9 students Luke.

You can read the letter for yourself below but his act of kindness to a stranger has clearly had a immensely powerful impact on a mother and her disabled son. His actions which took place well outside of the school gates and without the desire to gain any recognition or thanks, really epitomised the values of character that we hold so dear at Bushey Meads and is extremely worthy of an Executive Principal’s Award for demonstrating incredible kindness in the local community. This will be presented after half term in a main school assembly.
An amazing act of kindness that has clearly had a big impact in our local community.

Letter from a Parent in the Local Community: 21.5.19

Tuesday 21st May

Dear Mr Turner,

I wish to express my deepest gratitude towards one of your Year 9 pupils. All I know is that his name is Luke, he has light brown hair and has chosen to study history and sociology in sixth form.

I met Luke in Moatfield Park this evening when, without hesitation and without me asking, he helped my disabled six year old son into a swing and happily pushed him for almost 15 minutes.

I am so grateful for the joy my son experienced due to the kindness of stranger. There were smiles and laughter that I could not give my son as I cannot push a swing due to a medical condition.

Luke was so polite and humble regarding his kind act that I felt I had to write to you to express that Luke is a true credit to your school, which he spoke so highly of and it is his wonderful example which has made me decide that I would be honoured to have my eldest son attend Bushey Meds once he leaves Little Reddings Primary School next year.

I would be delighted if you could identify Luke and thank him on my behalf as I was too taken by emotions to thank him properly this evening.


Miss C

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