Student of the Week – Issue 62

Kashan Malik
Student of the Week – Issue 62
Key Stage 3

Polly 7 Elm – Polly has made an excellent start to her Bushey Meads journey.  She is a conscientious and hard working student who always does her best in lessons.  She approached all her work with a positive mindset and the results are brilliant!  Polly is also a delight to teach, she is polite and respectful and is always willing to help!  Well done Polly!  Keep up the great work.


Key Stage 4

Nikolina 10 Maple  – Nikolina has made an excellent start to her GCSEs and is making huge efforts to make sure that she is successful in her academic career and well as her ambitions and goals.  She recent received an award from YC Herts for her efforts in making her own music and working on her personal development.  At school she is making an effort in her lessons particularly English and Maths.  Nikolina is a bright and talented student who is working hard toward her bright future.  Keep it up, we are proud of you!

Key Stage 5

Ben 12 Oak –  Ben has been working very hard and is showing great focus.  He has made an excellent start to his A Levels and is working diligently during his study periods.  Well done Ben, you hard work and positive attitude will pay dividends!

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