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Student Book Review

Teresa Turton
Student Book Review

Long Way Down

reviewed by Om Panchal, 8Elm

If someone you love

gets killed,

find the person

who killed them and

kill them 

no crying

no snitching

A 5 star must-read book written by Jason Reynolds, takes place in sixty seconds as the protagonist goes down an elevator having a choice to murder the person who killed his brother or not.

‘…. but if the blood

inside of you is on the inside

of someone else,

you never want to

see it on the outside of them.’

As 15 year old Will ( William ) is in the elevator down to the lobby, with a gun in the back waistband of his jeans, he encounters people that are related to his brother. BUT THEY ARE DEAD. Every stop one person (a  dead person) walks in, telling Will a bigger part of the story he knew about what happened to them and how they died, each story giving him an option to kill or not kill.

This is a beautiful book written in small poems and I would highly recommend it.

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