Year 10 Enrichment Day Enterprise Event

Di Mcildowie
Year 10 Enrichment Day Enterprise Event

All year 10 students participated in an enrichment event designed to enable them to develop their Enterprise and Business Learning skills and prepare them for a successful transition into further education, apprenticeship and skilled employment.

Students were unable to wok in their usual friendship groups and had to learn how to work as a team player with people they may not know or be friends with.

The team had to set up a band and produce a CD cover, poster and merchandise for their group. They also had to create a power point presentation listing venues, prices of tickets etc. The finale and definitely the most worrying for some students and the highlight of the day for others, was the performance of a song to the rest of the year group.

The day was a resounding success with students rising to the challenge and many students excelling.

Everyone participated and remained focused and on task throughout the day.

The event organisers fed back that our students had excelled themselves and were a credit to our school.

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