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Year 10 & 11 trip to Pevensey Castle and Battle Abbey

Adam Lyley
Year 10 & 11 trip to Pevensey Castle...

On the last day of term year 10 and 11 history students went on a trip to Pevensey castle followed by a visit to Battle Abbey. Pevensey castle is this year’s GCSE case study and visiting it will help us to understand and visualise key contextual information in the questions.

Pevensey was key in the conquest and control of England by the Normans due to its seaside location and how near it was to the landing site of the Norman army. Much of the outer wall and inner bailey still remains which is maintained by English heritage.

The castle was originally a Roman fort, which William used and reinforced with ditches in his conquest, he then gave it to his brother who built the castle within the Roman wall.

Pevensey was originally on the coast of England as the land was vastly flooded and this provided it key military and trading significance. This still remains true as the British army reinforced the castle and put in place a pillbox in WW2 in the possibility of invasion.

We also visited battle abbey which William I built in honour of those who gave their life in the battle of Hastings and as atonement to God for the the bloodshed on the ground which it happened. William had the high altar placed to mark the spot on which Harold died.

There is much to see and learn about monk life and religion which is very important in Norman times and onwards with the ‘Rule of Saint Benedict’ citing strict rules for monk life and devotion to God.

The most interesting thing that I found about visiting Battle Abbey was distinct geographical areas referenced to us about the battle being brought to life and shown right in front of us adding realism to the tale, it helps it become than a story of history.

The trip was incredibly useful for increasing our understanding of things such monastic life, such an important thing to Norman society as well as broadening our subject knowledge with the information provided at the sites.

A big thank you to Miss Lister and Miss Booth for supporting the students and myself on the trip.

Lewis R and Mr A Lyley

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