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Year 11 London Olympic Park Trip

Sarah Dunsby
Year 11 London Olympic Park Trip

This week the year 11 Geography students visited the London Olympic Park to carry out their fieldwork for an important part of  their coursework. The students studied the key social, economic and environmental benefits and impacts of the area. Using workbooks provided for them, students had set tasks to complete throughout the day including, creating a key and colouring in a map to highlight if the different parts of the area were used for leisure, industrial, parks and etc, for example, the Aquatics Centre was highlighted by the students as a leisure area because it is now used by the public for swimming. The students enjoyed their visit to the velodrome to do less coursework and more eating and get out of the rain, but they got to experience seeing the track when it’s in use by the public and giving some encouragement to the riders practicing by cheering them on but It was a good opportunity for the students to see the area being used effectively for its purpose.After spending time in the velodrome, the students made their way over to the residential area which is just opposite the velodrome, while walking around the area, students had to create a tally of how many schools, shops, parks, sitting areas and etc their where. All the data they have collected during the day will be reviewed in class and students will create revision sheets to help them with their upcoming exams.

Dylan Hilton and Akhil Radhakrishnan

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