Student of the Week – Issue 26

Kashan Malik
Student of the Week – Issue 26
Key Stage 3

Cameron 9 Beech  – Cameron is one of the most conscientious students at Bushey Meads School!  Cameron has nearly 100 achievement points and always gives his all in all his lessons.  Not only this, Cameron also contributes to many aspects of the school community including being an E-Learning Leader!  This week Cameron made some exceptional contributions during a whole year session on mental health.  Cameron never shies away from putting himself forward and his enthusiasm translates in excellent academic progress.  Well done Cameron, keep up the amazing work!

Key Stage 4

Francesca 10 Maple – Francesca has been nominated for her exceptional contributions during the Year 10 Enrichment Day activity.  Francesca took part in all the activities with enthusiasm and performed for her team in front of all the other students and shone!  Mrs Blowers – Assistant Pastoral Manager, commented that Francesca was hands down the most positive and engaged student throughout the day and an excellent ambassador for Bushey Meads School.  Well done Francesca!


Key Stage 5

T-Ala 12 Willow – T-Ala has made some excellent contributions since joining the Sixth Form, in particular delivering an assembly as part of her role as Deputy Head Girl.  Another fantastic achievement is her involvement in the KS3 Dance Competition.  T-Ala has taken responsibility for the competition, including holding auditions, choreographing the dance and leading rehearsals.  Watching T-Ala lead the rehearsal this week was a breath of fresh air, the choreography was breath taking, all students were engaged and T-Ala was an excellent teacher and role model!  Well done T-Ala!


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