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Gatsby’s Party In Full Swing

Greg Knowles
Gatsby’s Party In Full Swing
Last week our drama and dance students had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Immersive Ensemble production of The Great Gatsby. Ours students donned their best 1920s party outfits accompanied by the dance and drama teachers and quick footed their way down to Gatsby’s mansion.
Due to the immersive nature of the production some of our students were called on at times to become part of the production. Highlights included Luka Kovaletskye’s commitment to playing Myrtle Wilson’s sister. Later Charlie Bointon entertained the audience as George Wilson’s mechanic. Evan one of our new dance teachers – Miss Dolan got in on the action and did a superb job as Johnson. Her role in the production was to sweep the stage so that it was pristine for Gatsby and Daisy’s tea date.
The performance also offered the audience to learn the Charleston dance. We are delighted to announce that Miss Noyan was awarded the crown of best dancer with Csenge Szabo also receiving very positive praise from the actors for her Charleston.
It was great to see the effort our students went to gain the most from this production; particularly with the costumes. Our year 12 boys grouped together to demonstrate their understanding of 1920s facial hair and sported some excellent fake moustaches for the evening.
After the fun, the work begins. These students will use this experience to help them write theatre reviews. This performance has inspired the year 12s to think about putting on their own production of the Great Gatsby. Watch this space….

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