Damien Hirst Mural at Little Reddings

Sam Cole
Damien Hirst Mural at Little Reddings

On Friday 14th February, 3 of the yr12 Fine Art students went with Miss Cole to Little Reddings school to help yr4 students paint the 2nd half of their outdoor mural, based on the work of Damien Hirst. The yr4 class had already been working on the ‘Spot Painting’ style using stencils to make them as precise as possible. This type of work is to demonstrate how colour can be viewed separately and in conjunction with others. The space around and in between is controlled and mathematical. The Bushey Meads students were asked to help with the ‘Veil Painting’ technique that Hirst has evolved. This is much more abstract and incorporates layers of colours and textures of thick paint. They are called ‘Veil Paintings’ due to the fact the colours are obscuring but also translucent enough to give the feeling that you can see through them – like a veil!All in all it was a very enjoyable morning and the BMS students really enjoyed demonstrating the ‘splodging’ technique to the primary students. Believe it or not, it’s more difficult than it looks!

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