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Theme of the Week – Consideration

Jeremy Turner
Theme of the Week – Consideration

Deputy Headteacher Mrs Ash led the Main School assemblies this week in school focussed on the Theme of the Week – Consideration and linking with the national Anti Bullying Week taking place this week across the country. Her key message aligned with the very strong ethos and culture at Bushey Meads School, underpinned by our 3 core values Respect, Responsibility and Relationships and our cultural mantra ‘Our School Has a Mind to Be Kind’. If we are all truly kind to one another, take responsibility to show respect and build positive relationships, there will be no bullying – it’s a simple as that! She also reminded students to be very mindful of their use of social media – exiting any groups that post unkind messages and standing up when they see or hear of unkind things taking place. The Year 9 students at Bushey Meads who are photographed here listening politely to the key messages of the assembly are showing increasing signs of thoughtfulness and kindness to one another and that is really commendable. Just this week I have seen a number of examples of them taking care of one another and their environment, which has been very encouraging to see.

At the end of Mrs Ash’s assembly Head of Careers and Work Related Learning Mrs McIldowie outlined an exciting aspect of the Year 9 Enrichment Day which took place last week. Connecting the cohort in with a number of workplace organisations in preparation for them considering option choices and possible future careers in the spring term, as part of this drive Mrs McIldowie has arranged for Affinity Water to provide the cohort with an exciting real life practical problem solving activity – to get fresh water to a local community within a certain time restriction to add to the challenge. More information about how well they did will follow in due course!

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