Arts Faculty Update

In such ‘interesting times’ I am so proud of the staff in the arts faculty and the work they are doing to keep our students at the forefront of arts education.

A range of work has been set to keep our students’ creativity buzzing whilst at home during this lockdown period and our students have responded impressively.

We have dance and drama videos sent to us from year 7 right through to year 13. I, personally, have particularly enjoyed seeing our year 7 silent movie contributions and I have loved hearing how excited some of our year 8 students were to complete their Tik Tok dance challenge! Over the next few weeks we will be looking to see if we can put some of the best ones on the school website.

Year 7 dance so far by Emily Smyth

Music and art students have also been working exceptionally hard completing the work sent to them. Our music teachers have been sending a range of listening tasks that can be completed at home without the need for expensive musical instruments and optional practical tasks for those that choose to do that little bit more and I am looking forward to seeing some of the Kandinsky abstract paintings from art that are due in this week.

Brilliant year 8 art work by Ella Ramalho

GCSE art work by Elicia Bryan

Many of our year 11 and 13 students have seen this time as an opportunity to work harder on their subjects rather than worry about their grades. They now know that they have a good window of opportunity where everything they do contributes directly to their grades. The mindset of the Bushey Meads student means that they are well prepared for working independently at home and we are receiving excellent exam question essays, improved coursework, and examples of practical work completed at home. Keep it up students! We are immensely proud of you!!
And it doesn’t stop there – Our Arts subject leaders have been busy too setting challenges for all students to complete. These are optional tasks and provide the cherry on the cake for students wanting to really excel in the arts. These will be available on the school website.

Don’t forget the lockdown photography competition as well!! It would be great to see plenty of photos submitted to Miss Cole for this.

A-level drama set design model box completed by Gita Dyjecinska during lockdown

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