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Exciting Enrichment Day!

Jeremy Turner
Exciting Enrichment Day!

Last week our inspirational Senior Assistant Headteacher Mr Fisher reminded students about the unique opportunities that as a school we give throughout the year on our highly personalised and specially arranged Enrichment Days. These days are often times when students can engage in different and exciting trips and visits, outdoor pursuits, activities that involve deep learning, as well as those that extend and stretch students at all levels – often very helpfully providing additional learning opportunities to support their GCSE and A level studies.

In July we are planning our most eclectic and exciting Enrichment Day to date and students can sign up via the google form sent out by Mr Fisher to a whole realm of different, varied cross-age learning opportunities.

Some activities do cost, so careful thought and discussion with parents and carers is needed before committing to these, however there are also many superb free activities on offer.

The opportunity to work with students of all ages, but joined by a common interest sets this Enrichment Day apart, and all the activities are being led by staff with a unique personal passion for the theme of the activity.

It should make for one superb day that makes lasting memories for all involved!

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