Student of the Week – Issue 11

Kashan Malik
Student of the Week – Issue 11
Key Stage 3

Thao – 7 Beech. This week’s KS3 student of the week is Thao for being an excellent student!  Thao is a polite, helpful and hardworking young man who has built lots of positive relationships with staff and students alike. He has great attendance and very positive ATL scores.  We would like to acknowledge all your efforts and commend you on you aspirational attitude and a fantastic start to Bushey Meads.  Keep the hard work!  Well done!


Key Stage 4

Lara – 11 Oak. This week’s KS4 student of the week is Lara for her excellent attitude and contributions on the World Challenge practice expedition.  She demonstrated a willingness to learn new skills and we look forward to her playing a vital role in the team during the expedition to Swaziland.  Lara has also been working very hard for her upcoming GCSE exams and we wish her all the very best with them!


Key Stage 5

Henal – 12 Oak, Henal has shown outstanding determination in Sociology.  Her hard work paid off by achieving one of the highest grades in a knowledge test.  Well done Henal, keep up the good work!


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