Student of the Week – Issue 55

Kashan Malik
Student of the Week – Issue 55
Key Stage 3

Jathursan 8 Ash – Jathursan has been nominated for being an exemplary student.  Jathursan has gained a massive 86 reward points in just over 3 weeks for being engaged in his lessons and doing his best.  He has 100% attendance and excellent ATL scores.  Alongside this he has gone above and beyond to contribute to the BMS community and given up his time to support the Year 7 students to settle in at several events.  Jathursan you are a wonderful young man and we are very proud you! Keep up the amazing work!

Key Stage 4

Matthew 11 Beech  – Matthew has started the beginning of year 11 with a focussed and driven attitude.  Matthew has shown excellent engagement in his lessons, attended after school revision sessions and displayed an excellent attitude in his Going for Greatness lessons.  Well done Matthew, this is a very positive start, keep up the excellent work and no doubt you will be celebrating your success in the summer!

Key Stage 5

La’Raib 12 Maple – La’Raib has joined Year 12 this year and has settled into Sixth Form extremely well.

She is enjoying her subjects and is showing commitment and dedication to her studies.

Fantastic start, keep up the good work!


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