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Open Evening with Humanities and Social Sciences

Stephanie Knowles
Open Evening with Humanities and Social...

Thursday 19th September BMS opened its doors and welcomes prospective new students and parents to see the school, meet teachers and, most importantly, students.  The Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty had many exciting events happening.

In History, there were games and a middle ages food tasting stand.

Geography were making structures from spaghetti.

Artefacts from across the world religions were on show in RE, which also had the Jewish game Drabble set up. Social Sciences, offered in KS4 and 5, hosted a political game of match the minister to their picture and position as well as the annual ballot – asking whether school should be open for students four days a week (with extra homework) or remain open for five days.

It looks like Mr Turner does not need to consider a change this year as the results of this vote were:


4 day week + extra homework = 37%

5 day week = 63%

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