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Time to Sh9ne – Oxford Trip – March 2019

Lauren Wright
Time to Sh9ne – Oxford Trip –...

Our Time to Sh9ne students took a day trip to Oxford to experience life at one of the top universities in the country this term.  They had a packed schedule of workshops, tours and even participated in a science practical lesson.  The day was truly inspirational. Louisa said ” I wasn’t even considering going to University after school.  After this trip I really am changing my mind about that.” Pravahi Osman from Balliol College was incredibly hospitable and broke down many of the myths surrounding access to such a prestigious place.  She gave vital practical advice about A’Level choices and about constructing the best CV to include evidence of  ‘wider knowledge and interests’.

We will be returning next year with the year 10 cohort and are also looking at indulging in some Oxford outreach workshops too.
Thank you to Balliol College for such a wonderful day and well done to all of the students who participated with passion and perseverance; in line with our ‘Get Gritty’ theme this year.
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