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Student Voice – Summer Term

Kashan Malik
Student Voice – Summer Term

During this week’s CDC time our form representatives were giving feedback to their groups following the student parliament meeting prior to half term.

The meeting was facilitated by our deputy head boy and girl team and there were lots of interesting points made and useful information shared.
Students were informed of the BMS suggestion box that  is now located in the H block corridor.  All students are encouraged to share their thoughts about anything they feel could be improved either inside or outside of lesson time around the school.  The comments are read weekly and acted upon where possible.  There have already been some terrific suggestions made that are both practically viable and incredibly mature and forward thinking.  Please continue to use the suggestion box in such a positive manner.
Eleanor, T-ala, AAron and Marie also reminded students about the importance of a healthy mind, linking into the Mental Health Awareness week theme.  Students were given a presentation on the number of ways they are able to report an incident should they feel they need to.  This process includes using the ‘confide’ button on the desktop; speaking to our anti-bullying ambassadors and connecting in with Miss Mateides and the pastoral team.
Finally all students were reminded that from 117th June we will be recruiting student leaders for the 2019/20 season.  All students will be able to apply online for a position of their choice.
Student voice at Bushey Meads feels active, positive and fruitful right now.  Please continue to tell us your thoughts.  Thank you to our deputy head team for hosting such a great meeting.  The final meeting will take place on Friday 12th July during period 1 in the main hall.
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