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PE & Health Faculty News

PE & Health Faculty News

Ashley Cartledge
Ashley Cartledge
PE & Health Faculty News

PE Apprenticeship

This year former student Jack James has joined the PE Faculty staff as a PE Apprentice. Jack has completed the Level 2 CNAT Sports Studies course and the Level 3 Sport and Physical Activity course in the 6th form where he achieved an overall Distinction. Jack then applied to do a Level 3 Sports Assistant Apprenticeship with Sporting Futures and we were delighted to see him join the Faculty on a 15 month contract. Jack supports in a number of lessons at Bushey Meads and also supports Mr Harris working with the students at Little Reddings and Hartsbourne Primary Schools. Mr James is making excellent progress and has made a really positive contribution to the PE Faculty both in curriculum time and in the fantastic support he provides in extra-curricular clubs and activities. He is a great role model for our younger students and we look forward to watching him progress further throughout the year.


Football reports

Year 9 v Grange Academy  (District League) AWAY  Mr Burnell

Date : Wednesday 22nd September 2021

Result : Won 3-2

Scorers : A. Gates, C. Tegzes, K. Tinriover.

Squad : K. Tinriover, C. Tegzes, A. Gates, G. Eldridge, O. Spencer, I. Harry-Brown, N. Morka, D. Ansa-Otu, S. Chadwick, M. McManus, H. Cooper, K. Ford, J. Harris, K. Gurney.

Commended performances :  K. Tinriover,  M. McManus, N. Morka, H. Cooper, O. Spencer, A. Gates, D. Ansa-Otu, G. Eldridge.

Comment : Wednesday saw the year 9 team play their second district league game of the season against Grange Academy. The boys started the game well with some excellent passing through the middle of the pitch and then out wide to the wingers. However against the run of play the team conceded the first goal of the game from a long ball played over the top of the defence. The team didn’t let their confidence drop and kept creating chances to score. Unfortunately Grange Academy doubled their lead through another long ball over the top of the defence. Just before halftime the team got a goal back and went into the break with hope for the second half. The team started full of confidence and created some really good chances to score but the Grange defence stood strong. Halfway through the second half the team did manage to score an equaliser to bring the game level with 20 minutes to go. When the game looked like it was going to end in a draw the team managed to win a corner through an excellent spell of sustained pressure. From that corner K. Tinriover had a shot from the edge of the box, which hit the post and went into the bottom corner of the goal. Another excellent team performance well done to all.

Year 11 v Grange Academy (District League) HOME  Mr Symeou

Date : Wednesday 22nd September 2021

Result : Won 2-1

Scorers : C. Martin, B. Narroway

Squad : Patel J, D. Angold, K. Ford, A. O’Shea, Q. Kazmi, N Haines, B. Narroway, I. Dahmani, R. Uthayakumar, A. Chaudry Shamas, C. Martin, E. Mccarthy-Richardson, D. Colakovic.

Commended performances :  C. Martin, B. Narroway

Comment : Good solid performance from the year 11’s as they showed great character to come back from being a goal down early on. The boys’ hard work and efforts to defend paid off as they were able to score two good goals on the counter attack.

Year 10 v Queens A (District League) HOME  Mr Symeou

Date : Thursday 22nd September 2021

Result : Won 8-3

Scorers : L.Georgiou (3), D. Barbakadze (2), H. Wafi, J. Sims, F. Carpenter

Squad : C. Hughes, C. Sacikaran, A. Sacikaran, N. Mitchell, A. Clarke, D. Barbakadze, K. Larkin, L. Georgiou, J. Sims, C. Marriot, N. Bryan, F. Carpenter, B. Regan, H. Wafi.

Commended performances : L. Georgiou, D. Barbakadze, C. Sacikaran, K. Larkin, J. Sims

Comment : Thursday evening saw the year 10 boys football put in a solid and well-rounded performance against a strong Queens side. The boys played some brilliant football creating many chances, and after going in at half time 4-3 up, the boys really stepped their performance up a level with some great goals being scored. A good win for the boys.

Year 7 v Queens B (District League) AWAY  Mr Harris

Date : Friday 24th September 2021

Result : Won 3 – 2

Scorers : J. Cunningham (2), N. Walters (1)

Squad : J Hiett, K. Sherridan Benfield, Z. Zeb, R Cooper, B Neulaender, S Ardeleanu, G Amoako-Wiredu, L Dimon, L Avci, H McManus, H Neal, N Walters, J Cunningham

Commended performances : Whole Team.

Comment : Friday evening saw the Year 7 boys football team travel away to face Queens School. We started the game well, pressing high and winning the ball, creating plenty of chances without finishing any of them. After a hotly contested first half, we came in at half time 0 – 0. After the break, we made some changes and continued to press the ball which led to a more open game in the second half. Shortly after half time, we saw a great shot by the Queens player which nestled into the top corner of our goal. After that we went on the offensive and pulled one back from J. Cunningham. Back level, we continued to work hard and press our opponents high up the pitch. N. Walters was able to find the target next from a free kick just outside the area to make it 2 – 1 to BMS. Later in the half after some pressure from Queens, we were able to counter attack and J. Cunningham managed to find the goal once more making it 3 – 1. With only a few minutes to go, Queens pulled one goal back late in the second half, finishing the game 3 – 2. The whole team was excellent today, with outstanding performances from all involved. They left everything on the pitch and worked hard in the sun from the start to finish of the game. We look to hopefully build off this in our next match on Tuesday.

Year 8 v Queens B (District League) AWAY  Mr Cartledge

Date : Friday 24th September 2021

Result : Won 3-2

Scorers : K Fung 3

Squad : J Gladdy, L Johnson, G Guainiere, J Allan, L Fearnside, B Okeke, S Mowle, Z Bertie, L Amin, K Fung, A Worth, Z Watson

Commended performances : Whole team

Comment : Despite several players missing the boys put in a fantastic performance playing some excellent possession football. The team dominated the first half with J Gladdy, B Okeke and S Mowle controlling the defence and G Guainiere and A Worth leading from the midfield areas. Some great play from J Allan and L Fearnside from wide areas saw several chances created and some fine finishing from K Fung saw the boys take a 3-0 lead. With legs tiring in the second half Queens came back into the game but the boys held on for a well deserved win. The boys have made great progress in a short space of time and look forward with confidence to the rest of the season.

Year 9 v Queens B  (District League) HOME  Mr Burnell

Date : Friday 24th September 2021

Result : Won 4-3.

Scorers : A. Gates, G. Eldridge, S. Johnson.

Squad : K. Tinriover, C. Tegzes, A. Gates, G. Eldridge, O. Spencer, I. Harry-Brown, J. Roberts, A. Fish, D. Ansa-Otu, M. McManus, K. Ford, J. Harris, S. Johnson, A. Bracewell, S. Millberry.

Commended performances :  A. Gates, G. Eldridge, S. Johnson,  K. Tinriover, C. Tegzes.

Comment : Friday saw the year 9 team play their second game in a week against Queens school. The team started the match really well by playing some excellent possession based football. After some clever work from G. Eldridge in the box we were awarded a penalty. Queen’s then go themselves back into the game through a good spell of possession of their own. They capitalised on this by scoring two goals in quick succession which saw them take a lead into the break. The team responded well after half time and scored a goal quickly to bring the game back to level. Both teams then scored again to make it 3-3 with only a few minutes left to play. After another spell of sustained pressure S.Johnson scored with two minutes from time to get the win. Another excellent game of competitive football for the year 9 team.

Senior U18 v Parmiters A (County Cup) AWAY  Mr Cartledge

Date : Monday 27th September 2021

Result : Lost 5-0

Scorers :

Squad :  A Sykes, H Plant, L Andrews, S Booth, P Kulasinghe, T Bates, C Lynch, H Hughal, A Kazmi, E Anthony, T Barnes, A Kothary, B Erbas, H Khan

Commended performances : H Plant, T Bates, C Lynch, S Booth

Comment : The Under 18 team was given a really difficult County Cup draw away to Parmiters for their first match of the season. However the boys put in a really spirited performance defending well for long periods of the game. However a 5 minute spell in each half saw all the goals conceded and the boys will be looking to avoid these lapses of concentration in the next match. It was really positive to see the team grow in confidence in the second half with some improved play in possession of the ball and this definitely gives the boys something to build on for the season.

Year 7 v Reach Free (District League) HOME  Mr Harris

Date : Tuesday 28th September 2021

Result : Lost 3 – 2

Scorers : H McManus (2)

Squad : J Hiett, L Browne, Z. Zeb, R Cooper, B Neulander, S Ardeleanu, L. Avci, L. Dimon, H Wills, H McManus, H Neal, N Walters, J Cunningham

Commended performances : H McManus

Comment : Tuesday evening saw the visit of Reach Free school for the Year 7’s. After a fragmented start to the game, we took a lead five minutes in from H. McManus. Shortly after we conceded one goaling making the score 1 – 1. We battled hard in the midfield, pressing high up the pitch forcing Reach Free to make some mistakes and creating chances, although in the end failing to convert any. We gave away a free kick inside our half which was then scored by Reach Free. After this, the team battled hard to win the ball back, where H. McManus again slipped through and again converted his shot to make the score 2 – 2. After half time, the game became stretched and late on we conceded a penalty, which was converted by Reach Free to make it 3 – 2. After a late flurry of possession we managed to break into the box and create one final chance, but we were unable to convert the chances. Despite the loss, there were many positives to take away from the game today, we battled hard and created a number of chances. We are able to build on this for our next game.


Year 8 v Reach Free  (District League) AWAY  Mr Cartledge

Date : Tuesday 28th September 2021

Result : Lost 6-4

Scorers : J Allan 2, G Guainiere, D Mahmud

Squad : J Gladdy, G Guainiere, J Allan, L Fearnside, B Okeke, J Coady, S Mowle, L Amin, K Fung, Z Watson, D Mahmud, E Callaghan

Commended performances : G Guainiere, J Allan, J Gladdy

Comment : The Year 8 boys were extremely disappointed to lose a game of 2 halves that was dominated by the weather conditions. The boys played some excellent football in the first half controlling the game and scoring 4 goals with only one in reply. J Allan caused the opposition lots of problems throughout with the pick of the goals a fine free-kick from D Mahmud. However with the wind blustering around in the second half the heavy pressure applied by a very physical Reach Free side saw the boys concede some quick goals which eventually left the boys chasing the game. The boys battled hard and continued to try and pass the ball throughout but the opposition just proved too strong.


This year there has been a change in the way district netball is running, in order to provide more opportunities for more students on school sites.  This year teams will play 2 matches on each fixture night (festival night) at an allocated school.  This means that regular practices for a wider number of students can take place.  We believe this will have a really positive impact on our extra-curricular provision. There have been fantastic numbers of students regularly attending practice on Tuesday’s KS3 training night (upwards of 50 girls) and with this new league format we hope to maintain these numbers.

The first league matches took place for years 9 and 10 this week and it was fantastic to see the girls enjoying competitive sport again, and an added bonus of netball in the sun!

Year 9 v St.Joan of Arc  (District League) AWAY  Mrs Cooper

Date : Tuesday 28th September 2021

Result : Lost 18-5

Squad : E.Hauff, A.Chaudhary, C.Pullen, S.Mullings, J.Verrey, S.Harris, P.Pryra, K.Law

Commended performances : E.Hauff

Comment : In a tough first match the score did not really reflect the girls’ performance, SJA managed to score most of their shots, unfortunately the BMS conversion rate was not as high and as a result the scoreline could have been far more even. After almost 18 months of no competitive netball it was a real pleasure to see the girls enjoying their games and demonstrating some good passing skills.  More work on our competitive nature and I’m sure the results will become more positive.

Year 10 v St.Joan of Arc  (District League) AWAY  Mrs Cooper

Date : Tuesday 28th September 2021

Result : Lost 6-3

Squad : S.Appleby, A.Deutrom, E.Clarke, A.Ashar, H.Imansoura, E.Cloote, K.Kovarova, R.Wheeler

Commended performances : H Imansoura

Comment : A fast paced and scrappy match that could have gone either way.  The girls played with encouragement and enthusiasm in their new look team and demonstrated some of the slick passing and moving skills that was a highlight of their game two years ago!  Both teams worked hard but unfortunately SJA managed to convert their chances and secured the victory.


Year 9 v Croxley Danes  (District League) AWAY  Mrs Cooper

Date : Tuesday 28th September 2021

Result : Lost 9-3

Squad : E.Hauff, A.Chaudhary, C.Pullen, S.Mullings, J.Verry, S.Harris, P.Pryra, K.Law

Commended performances : S.Mullings

Comment : The second match of the evening was another tough game for the yr9 girls.  On the backfoot from the start BMS went several goals down with no reply.  Working hard through the centre of the court the girls began to see their passing pay off and in the second half they managed to draw the half.  This was particularly pleasing to see as their heads had dropped at half time and their target was to try and stay closer to their opposition.  A great effort from the girls that we can build on in training.

Year 10 v Croxley Danes  (District League) AWAY  Mrs Cooper

Date : Tuesday 28th September 2021

Result : Won 14-3

Squad : S.Appleby, A.Deutrom, E.Clarke, A.Ashar, H.Imansoura, E.Cloote, K.Kovarova, R.Wheeler

Commended performances : R.Wheeler and K.Kovarova

Comment : A more controlled performance saw BMS dominate their second match of the evening.  With a resumption of the fine passing and K.Kovarova and R.Wheeler converting their opportunities BMS took an early lead into the game.  Great defence from S.Appleby and A.Deutrom reduced the scoring chances of the opposition and ensured a great first victory of the season for the BMS team.

Well played to all the girls who took part in the first netball festival night,

For full details of the clubs, fixtures and practices students and parents need to check on the Bushey Meads School website in the Calendar icon where you will find a full list of the extra-curricular activities. This is updated on a weekly basis to show the fixtures and practices for each week. In addition students can check the notice boards in the boys and girls changing rooms and in the main PE lobby. The PE and Health Faculty also have their own Twitter account which includes regular updates on fixtures, match reports and details of forthcoming events.


All students who attend after school sports clubs will receive R2 Reward points every time they attend.

Students selected for teams will receive team sheets with start and finish times. Some clubs may change week by week depending on fixtures and meetings but parents should check the twitter account and the website for updates

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