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A Great Start to 2020 in Dance

Eliz Noyan
A Great Start to 2020 in Dance

This first week back, Key Stage 3 students have been exploring new styles of dance in their lessons. Year 7 are experimenting with the Hip Hop style, Year 8 are developing their knowledge on Gumboot dance using the West End production of Stomp as inspiration and Year 9 are looking at a GCSE professional work which fuses the Capoeira and Samba styles.

Year 11 Dance students have completed one of their GCSE practical assessments and will now be creating their own Choreography for the next assessment. The students have been challenging themselves by using explorative methods to create their choreography, such as devising movement by throwing a dice and using illustrations from famous artists.

The A Level students have been using improvisation to create choreography for their group dance. They have also been developing their knowledge on the importance of accompaniment, experimenting with how the use and style of music can support the telling of a story through dance.

Bushey Meads Multi Trust Dance Company has now expanded from previous years, rather than one club aimed for Key Stage 3, the Dance Department have created two separate companies. A Youth company for students in Key Stage 3 as well as Year 5 and 6 pupils from Hartsbourne Primary School and Little Reddings Primary School, and the addition of a Senior company which includes students from Key Stage 4 and 5. The companies have been working on creating their own choreography as well as learning challenging set pieces taught by GCSE students, Miss Noyan and Miss Dolan.

2020 looks like an exciting year for Dance at Bushey Meads!

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