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KS3 Dance Showcase

Natalie Miller
KS3 Dance Showcase

This year the KS3 dance showcase included 60 students spread across Year 7, 8 and 9. Both the students and teachers worked really hard on making it the best it could be. The whole process took a long time to complete but the result was amazing.

We first started off with rehearsing every week on a Monday after school at dance club with Miss Simes and Miss Miller. We rehearsed around 5 different group dances which had almost everyone who was in the showcase included. They were all very different styles so everyone got to do a routine that was suited to how they dance. Everyone showed commitment and engagement to perfect the dances.

Miss Miller and Miss Simes also held auditions for any other students that wanted to put their own piece into the showcase. These dances were well rehearsed as well. Most of them rehearsed at open space held at lunch times some days during the week. Not only were some of the students choreographing their own pieces but some of the dances were from units of work taught within curriculum time. These were dances including Bollywood moves, a west side story theme and a few more also. Gymnastics routines were put in as well and Mrs Cartledge helped choreograph them.

We made sure that the whole showcase would be a success and it was because we gained brilliant feedback. The showcase portrayed a lot of versatility which took a lot of time and hard work but we did it. It was such a good experience. The dancers and gymnasts were a credit to the school. Also, a big thank you to our student technicians and Mr Furr for helping with the sound and lighting.


By Elly Andrews, Sophie Storey and Nieka Hamisi

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