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Student of the Week – Issue 70

Kashan Malik
Student of the Week – Issue 70
Key Stage 3

Fatima 7 Ash – Fatima has made an excellent start to her BMS journey this year.  She is a kind, studious and diligent student with nearly 250 achievement points, excellent attendance and attitude to learning!  She contributes in all her lessons and takes part in extra curricular activities, most recently the House Arts competition.  Fatima embodies our Mind to be Kind mantra, and has donated over 60 items to the Food Bank drive!  Fatima you are a credit to your family and we are very proud of you.  Keep it up!

Key Stage 4

Jake 11 Sycamore  – Jake has been working very hard during what is a very important year!  He has nearly 200 achievement points, bring him in the top 10 students in Year 11.  He is focused and ready to learn during lessons and always gives his best!  His most recent report shows his ATL to be either very good or outstanding in all his subjects and he is on track to get some excellent qualifications this summer!  Jake is a pleasure to teach and we are very proud of his accomplishments!  Well done Jake!

Key Stage 5

Zeenat 12 Beech – Zeenat is a truly committed and hardworking Year 12 student.  She is also a prefect, ensuring that she is an excellent role model for the younger years and carrying out her prefect duties in an exemplary fashion.

Well done Zeenat!

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