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Weddings around the world

The traditional wedding in the UK somewhat resembles the fairy tale “something borrowed and something blue” wedding. But at BMS we have been skipping the conventional and learning about wonderful wedding rituals of other cultures and religions. 

Year 10 RS students have been involved in presenting different styles of wedding ceremonies whilst learning about meaningful wedding traditions symbolizing love, romance, health, unity and happiness. 

They all engaged in intensive research focusing on marital traditions and ceremonies in order to educate their peers with facts about marriage and roles within marriage in different religions. 

Student Comments:

“I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing and presenting different religions and cultures. It helped me understand the importance of religion and other people’s beliefs”. Kajana Sivakanthan

“It was a good experience to present to the class, learning about different cultures and religions around the world. I gained confidence when talking and it was an interesting way to learn”. Bharruni Shanthakumar

“I very much enjoyed learning about how Hindu weddings are celebrated and how the celebration ceremony is completely different to Christian and Muslim weddings”. Ilayda Tinriover 

“It was a good experience presenting in front of the class and quizzing them. I also learnt a lot more about different religious weddings across the world. Karris Sivarajah

“It was a good and beneficial experience that helped me grow in confidence by teaching and presenting to my peers”. Sameen Ghumman.

“It found it interesting learning about different religions and I gained confidence by presenting mine to my peers” Adnan Wahabdeen.

“It was interesting learning about traditions taking place in different religions during wedding times”. “Samanah Hemani 

“My experience when doing the presentations was interesting as me and my partner learned about Buhhist ceremonies, ideals, vows and celebrations. This presentation can help me for my exams and my understanding of other faiths” – Irene Jacob.  

“It was intriguing to look at the different presentation styles while at the same time learning. I found it fun to present since it helped me gain confidence as I haven’t done it in a while”. Maria Popa.

“The presentations were a good experience. Our peers presented different religions to the class and we all learnt from each other. Also we got to see different presentation styles which was entertaining!” Shannae Plummer. 

“It was a great experience to learn new religious traditions within Islam and having more freedoom/autonomy in the classroom.” Nithursha Jegatheeswaran 

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