Year 12 Geography Field Trip to Blencathra

Sarah Dunsby
Year 12 Geography Field Trip to Blencathra

We got to the station for 8.15 on Wednesday 14th of November to set out for our long journey. Taking the train to Euston and then Keswick. As soon as we arrived in Keswick we sent our luggage to the centre and headed out for are adventurous walk that nothing could have prepared us for.

We got to Mosedale for about 2.30 where we walked far to a corrie. However with giant gusts of chilling wind it was a struggle not to tumble down the hundreds of meters. We stopped at points on the way where Pippa our instructor taught us skills like using a compass to find orientations, this was difficult as we were very cold. We continued our hike as it got steeper and the winds got stronger we soon realised that our fitness needed improving as we were red and sweaty. We finally got to the corrie feeling a great sigh of relief as getting back would be much easier by going downhill. Again we did some work but it was getting dark so we were worried about getting back. We safely got back and drove to the centre. After a great Chinese dinner we got back to work for another hour and a half. After work we enjoyed some games and eventually headed to bed knowing we would have an even longer day collecting our data for our individual investigation.

By Thursday we woke up with energy but still tired from the day before. We had breakfast at 8.15 and made our lunch, there was plenty of food; with a cooked breakfast with toast and cereal, this made sure it would give us enough energy for the hiking ahead. We had a quick lesson going over our planned data to collect still quizzing Pippa with multiple questions. Some of us doing physical questions we headed out to Easedale. Whereas those doing human went to the town of Keswick.

The group that headed out to Easedale spent most of the day walking, we walked through the valley up past the waterfall and stopped at two corries. This was very beneficial as majority of people were collecting data on corries, also many photos were taken for reference and to capture the beautiful landscape. Again, Pippa stopped at different points to suggest where different landforms were but we had to decide whether we wanted to carry out data collection on it and had to carry it out independently.

The other group went to Keswick to collect their human data, they went around the town gathering opinions of the people in the town. They did this through questionnaires and were able to talk to a group of workers with disabilities in the art’s gallery cafe which allowed them to gather another viewpoint. Going across the town they collected leaflets from different places showing what was available and accessible to people.

When we got back in the evening we enjoyed a lasagne and chocolate cake with a chocolate sauce. We then had our evening lesson where Pippa taught us to use GIS which is very highly looked upon to use in our coursework so we were grateful that we all understood how to use it.

On Friday we got up had breakfast and packed. Mostly everyone stayed in the centre where they carried out their data presentation, experimenting what charts and maps to use to display their data. Whereas I went back out to go look at drumlins at another site and collect more data needed. We all headed out to the station at 1.30 and this time we had the slower long distance train which took over 4hrs then we got on our second train and gratefully made it home back to our comfortable beds to relax and rest over the weekend after a very useful but exhausting trip.

Thank You to Miss Dunsby and Mr Mitchell for putting up with us being constantly confused and tired, but I can say we all enjoyed it.
By Isobel Regan – Year 12

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