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The Importance of Reading

Sara Ash - Deputy Headteacher
The Importance of Reading

The importance of reading quality materials on a regular basis is key to success not only in school examinations but the wider world.

Being able to understand and use a wide range of vocabulary not only helps students to access exam questions but also gives additional marks in their answers when they apply their knowledge.

At Bushey Meads School we are dedicated to ensuring all students improve their reading ability, whatever level they are at, to ensure they make good progress. It has been great to see the wide variety of texts students are bringing into school to read during dedicated Character Development Time in the morning and would encourage all students to spend at least 20 minutes at home reading every day as well.

It is a good idea to vary the reading material and to include:

  • fiction
  • non-fiction (e.g. auto-biographies)
  • newspaper articles
  • journals

Students can visit our well-stocked Learning Resource Centre before school at break time and lunch time to choose a book to read. Any student looking for reading recommendations can ask one of our Student Librarions or our outstanding Learning Resource Centre Manager, Mr Back, who will give them assistance.

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