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Year 11 PPE Results Assembly

Sara Ash - Deputy Headteacher
Year 11 PPE Results Assembly

On Thursday 10th January all Year 11 students with their Character Development Coaches gathered in the Main Hall, eagerly waiting to find out the results from the Pre Public Examinations sat back in November.

The assembly started with a motivational presentation about using time effectively and also featured some top study tips from last years successful students.

The tips included advice to:

  • start revision early (now!)
  • plan revision so it targets the weakest areas
  • revise in a variety if ways (podcasts, mind maps, revision walls, etc)
  • complete lots of past exam papers and check through the mark scheme
  • use the opportunities on offer at school (revision sessions, holiday sessions, Study Saturdays, LRC Wednesdays, etc)

The students had a variety of emotions after they opened results ranging from elation to the realisation that more revision was needed!

With the Final Countdown well and truly underway it is great to see so many Year 11 students focused in lessons and really stepping up.

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