Practical PE in lockdown

Practical PE in lockdown

Ashley Cartledge
Ashley Cartledge
Practical PE in lockdown

Over the last 2 weeks it has been great to get back to some practical PE at Bushey Meads. Last week all KS3 students in school took part in some socially distanced PE activities with the Year 7, 8 and 9 groups taking part in Frisbee Golf, footgolf and Tennis golf. It was great to see the students back outside exercising whilst following the strict new guidelines for physical activity in schools. This week the Year 12 CTECH Sport and Physical Activity group were able to take part in a badminton session looking at self and peer assessment as part of their Sports Coaching Unit. We look forward to returning to some sort of normality in September for all students as we continue our commitment to promoting all students to lead an active, healthy lifestyle.

The KS3 Inter House Sport and Fitness competition has continued to inspire students to do as much exercise as possible during the break from school.

Every time students complete a walk, run, bike ride or workout they score points for their House.

Points are scored as follows :

  • 5 points per mile run
  • 5 points per mile walked
  • 5 points per mile cycled
  • 10 points per HIIT workout
  • 10 points per sports specific training session (both above must be evidenced by pictures or videos)
  • 5 points per SAM learning task completed

(All above must be evidenced by picture/screenshot of fitness app/tracker etc)

It has also been great to so many students completing the Bonus challenges co-ordination and muscular endurance challenges, the sprint start challenge and the new super skills challenges. . After Week 4 the overall score is :

House Total Points

Beech 2241
Elm 3242
Maple 2445
Oak 2494
Sycamore 2584
Willow 3092

ELM House currently hold a narrow lead and this is being supported by the staff in Elm House who are leading the staff competition by a massive 900 points !! There is just 1 week to go in the competition and we look forward to announcing the overall Winners soon.

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