Design and Technology at Hartsbourne

Charlotte Hewitt
Design and Technology at Hartsbourne

This term, at Hartsbourne, we have continued to develop the design and technology curriculum in key stage 2.

In Year 6, they have been designing recipes and making bread. The children began with a simple bread recipe and chose which flavours they would like to add to their dough. Together, they created a range of different flavour combinations to try in a taste test. After completing their taste test they then picked their favourite recipe and created a bread roll with a unique shape. In Year 4, the children have been learning about electronics and linking their science learning with technology. First they began by identifying which materials would be suitable conductors and insulators. Using this knowledge, they chose appropriate materials for making a torch. They used soldering irons and a range of components, including switches they had made themselves, to create a circuit and placed this inside the torch casing.

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