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Summer Sunshine at BMS

Jeremy Turner
Summer Sunshine at BMS

This morning we had some lovely Year 6 students visiting our school and one of their accompanying Teaching Assistants commented how calm the atmosphere was across the whole school – unlike a number of secondary schools he had visited recently.

Working here as staff and students we get used to our calm and purposeful atmosphere with a strong focus on learning and achievement and ethos and culture of kindness and we sometimes even take it for granted.

Even at what Ofsted Inspectors call ‘de-regulated’ times true atmosphere is equally lovely.

In the summer sunshine today here are just a few images of our students being lovely!

Chatting with their friends in the shade under our canopies.
Practising their hair styling skills!
The lads in the shade  enjoying the view.
Our talented and dedicated cricketers making the most of every minute of practice time.
Honing their basketball skills.
Enjoying the blue sky and green grass at the rear of the school.
Friends together…
Football fun!
No wonder our school culture is hailed as an example of best practice and often commented on so positively.

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