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MFL Year 8 Residential Trips

Hilarie Charles
MFL Year 8 Residential Trips

The MFL Faculty is delighted that the Yr 8 residential trips to Normandy and Valencia will be going ahead again this year in July 2019.

Year 8 Spanish trip 8th-12th July 2019

Letters have now gone out requesting deposits of £150, permission slips and copies of passports by Friday 30th November 2018. 

This is a popular trip to Valencia and students learn much about the Spanish culture as well as having the opportunity to speak Spanish. We visit well-known landmarks in Valencia such as the City of Arts and Sciences, the Cathedral and the Central Market. We shall also be visiting the San José Caves and we shall spend a day at Aquapolis, a popular water park. The students will also attend a Spanish cookery class and learn how to dance the Flamenco.  We will travel to Spain by plane and by coach throughout our time in Spain. The cost includes travel, insurance, activities and all meals.

Please book your place now!

Year 8 French trip 1st-5th July 2019  

Many thanks to all parents who have paid their deposits and returned permission slips and copies of passports. Everyone who has paid a deposit has secured a place and will be notified shortly. 

This is a fabulous trip which is an excellent cultural experience as well as a great way to practice the language. Students will stay in a holiday village near the beach and will spend a day at a chateau doing adventure /outdoor activities (instructed completely in French by instructors who know how to explain things to learners of French). They will also benefit from visits to cultural and historical sites in Normandy including Mont St Michel, WWII Landing beaches, and the Bayeux Tapestry.

If you have not yet returned your permission slip please do so as soon as possible. Parents and students will be invited to a meeting to give full details for the trip approximately 6 weeks before the trip. A reminder of the schedule for remaining payments is below:

2nd Installment due:
£90 by Monday 3rd December 2018
3rd Installment due:
£90 by Monday 4th February 2019
4th Installment due:
£100 by Friday 1st March 2019
Balance due:
£80 by Monday 1st April 2019




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