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As you are aware, we take marking and feedback seriously at BMS because high quality feedback has a positive impact on student progress.  As a result we host three Marking and Feedback Fortnights each year where this becomes our main focus.

During each Marking and Feedback Fortnight we attempt to provide staff with tips to mark student work in quicker and easier ways (without compromising on quality) and opportunities to visit other classrooms to observe good practice and magpie ideas.  We also like to reward staff for their hard work when we spot good practice and so towards the end of the final Marking and Feedback Fortnight of the year, we host the BMS BAFTAs.On 18th May, all students and staff at BMS were sent a Google Form in order to make nominations across the fourteen categories.  This year there were 891 nominations (653 of which were from students).  It is a compliment to the staff nominated that such a high number of students took the time to say thank you and nominate their teachers.  There were 103 different members of staff who received a nomination this year and the four people with the highest number of nominations were shortlisted.

On Tuesday 18th June 2019, during the final 30 minutes of the staff development afternoon, all of the staff at BMS convened in the main hall for the event and the prizes were awarded: Congratulations to all of the nominees – especially the winners – but more importantly, a huge thank you to all of the staff at BMS for going above and beyond on a daily basis.

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