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Preparing for Enrichment Day

Sara Ash - Deputy Headteacher
Preparing for Enrichment Day

As we approach the end of term the next Enrichment Day which explores wider experiences and skills for students has been launched.

This year we have streamlined the trips and added a few different opportunities for students to participate in.
We have trialled a new sign up system for this Enrichment Day so it is very much like booking tickets for a festival or the theatre. This was to make the booking system as fair as possible for everybody involved. Following the launch of the trips on Wednesday 19th June, nearly 600 students were successfully signed up for one of the exciting trips and events taking place within 12 hours.
As with any new system we have welcomed positive feedback from parents and have already made some plans to make the system even better for next year.
The day itself should be an amazing experience for all the students involved and I would like to thank the team of staff who have worked tirelessly to make these opportunities available to the students.
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