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Respect Others, Respect Yourself

Kashan Malik
Respect Others, Respect Yourself

This week’s theme of the week was respect and our main school assemblies were led by our Executive Principal Mr Turner.  The different ways in which we can show respect were explored, from how we communicate and to how we treat others around us, this has been a focus at Bushey Meads being one of the 3 core values of our mantra ‘Our School has a Mind to be Kind’.

Mr Turner explained that one way of demonstrating respect to others around you is by showing them that you clearly respect yourself, you respect the values of your family and the community around you and that you achieve your potential.

The school has seen some excellent improvements this September, including the fantastic new H Corridor and quad fencing to make the learning environment even better for our students.  Respecting this environment was also discussed and students were given three ways in which we can collectively improve the respect for our school.  These were:

  • Remember we are a Chewing Gum Free school
  • Always put our litter in one of the many bins provided
  • Make sure we Recycle Correctly in the School Restaurant

Respecting others, ourselves and our environment will definitely ensure we have another successful year at Bushey Meads.

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