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Each morning the school day starts with 20 minutes quality time in tutor groups during which students follow a programme of activities including careers guidance, PSHE and citizenship.

Alongside this valuable life skills are developed through the mentoring from Form Tutors such as the importance of attendance, punctuality and a positive Attitude to Learning.

The title of Form Tutor did not seem to do justice to the importance of the role so we considered what should we call them? Since the beginning of this year we have ‘rebranded’ our Tutor programme so that it really recognises the value of this time and the impact this quality time has on each individual student and their results. We now have Character Development Coaches (CDC’s) and a Character Development Programme which really showcases how important this time and role is.

Some of Character Development Coaches have shared with the entire staff how much they value their role within the school. A highlight was Mrs Hanbury, CDC for 10Ash, speak of how they are a family and how proud she is of all their achievements and how much they have grown since she started with them in Year 7.

We do hope all students value their time and what they learn during Character Development time each morning and ensure they arrive to school each day punctually (aiming for 8:15) and with a positive Attitude to Learning.

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