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Year 11 PPE Results Assembly

Suresh Varsani
Year 11 PPE Results Assembly

On the afternoon of Thursday 9th January, all Year 11 students with their Character Development Coaches gathered in the Main Hall, eagerly waiting to find out the results from the Pre Public Examinations they sat in November.  This was a key ‘moment in time’ for our Year 11, allowing them to reflect on the actions that led to these results and work out next steps to move in an even better direction.

The assembly started with a motivational presentation really putting in to perspective the time left before the exams and the importance for students to really try their very best for the GCSE exams, seizing every opportunity presented to them and making the very best use of the resources and time they have left.  Several video clips were shown of last Year’s GCSE students on their actual results day, giving their best advice for success in the GCSEs. Some of the key tips they gave were:
  • Start your revision NOW! 
  • After each lesson, write up any revision notes or make relevant revision cards.
  • Attend all the lunch, after school and holiday revision sessions.
  • Complete lots of past papers and use the markschemes available online to self mark your work and decide next steps.
  • Make sure you look after your health by sleeping and eating well.
Much like the real results day, the students had a variety of emotions after they opened their results envelopes. However, the key difference with these was the students still have time to make some impactful changes to get even better results in the summer. Overall, the PPE results look very exciting and this reflected again, what a special cohort of students we have in our current Year 11 and what great work their teachers continue to do.
We wish all of you the very best.

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