Student of the Week – Issue 68

Kashan Malik
Student of the Week – Issue 68
Key Stage 3

Blossom 8 Maple – Blossom is an excellent student with an excellent attitude to learning in all her subjects.  Blossom has over 450 achievement points – a massive achievement and were only at the beginning of the second term.  Blossom does a great job as House Rep for Maple and is dedicated to making positive contributions to the school community.  Keep up the hard work Blossom, we are very proud of you!

Key Stage 4

Stan 10 Ash  – Stan is an enthusiastic and hard working student who has made a great start to his GCSE courses.  In his most recent report he achieved either 6 or 7 in his attitude to learning and is on target to meet his target grade and in some cases is exceeding them!  In addition Stan has excellent attendance and is a keen sportsman, representing the school in District Football and other sports.  Well done Stan, keep up the hard work and no doubt you will be rewarded for all you efforts!

Key Stage 5

Zuzanna 12 Elm – Zuzanna has embraced Sixth Form incredibly well.  She is an outstanding student who strives for greatness both in and outside of school.

Zuzanna is studying very hard for her upcoming PPE’s and in between the revising, school work and duties she is always happy to assist the Sixth Form team with events.  Keep up the good work Zuzana.

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