Exciting and innovative jewellery and accessories!

Niralee Pattni
Exciting and innovative jewellery and...

This half term, our Year 12 D&T students have been working hard on their ‘Jewellery & Accessories’ project. The aim of this project is for students to learn new drawing techniques, learning how to use CAD to help them visualise and create their designs and challenge themselves with their choice of materials.

As part of their studies, students need to know about a variety of design movements. They all selected 2-3 design movements to investigate and produced some fantastic, informative fact files. These fact files and mood boards have become the main source of inspiration for their project.

Their brief was to design and make an original, innovative piece of jewellery or accessory that could be worn on a catwalk. It was crucial that they gathered as much inspiration as possible, to be able to come up with a wide range of designs! They are currently working out which is the best idea and how it will work, by carrying out some quick modelling and making some realistic prototypes of their ideas! It has been great to see such an exciting mix of ideas so far and I am eager to see what all of their final pieces look like! Keep an eye out for them next term and at the end of year D&T exhibition!

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