Assistant Headteacher – Rob Tester from West Hatch High School visits our School

Lauren Wright
Assistant Headteacher – Rob Tester...

Rob Tester was keen to come to Bushey Meads in order to find out more about our Student Leadership Teams.  He had a tour of the school; met with Mr Turner and myself and had a feedback session with a selection of our student leaders. 

He sent an email this week thanking us for hosting his visit.  Here is what he said:

“I was extremely impressed with all of the students I met with, starting with the way the 2 girls spoke about the school as they gave me a tour.  They were proud and knowledgeable and were able to talk about aspects of the school from a student’s perspective but seemed to also understand the reasons behind certain systems or rules which gave me a really good insight. 

When I later met various members of the student leadership team I was taken with how confidently they all spoke.  It was great to see the understanding they had of how to communicate to different audiences dependent on scenario.  The 6th form boy (head prefect) has a really bright future and I would be very confident consulting with him.  He is obviously a student who is proud of his school and wants to give back to it.  This leadership quality was echoed in all of the other students who, although hadn’t done their new roles for long in some cases, showed in a short space of time that it was the opportunity and responsibility that they thrived on and the enthusiasm for improving the school was obvious. 

Really well done to all of them, and perhaps one day they can come and offer us some hints on how our teams can run?”

We are so proud of our leaders here at Bushey Meads School and were thrilled to receive such a complimentary email.

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