Year 7 have a Fantastic First Day!

Graeme Searle
Year 7 have a Fantastic First Day!

The new Year 7 students had their first day at BMS on Tuesday 3rd September and made a very positive first impression on the staff.  The day began with a short assembly on the theme of ‘New Beginnings’ and the standard of behaviour and uniform on display was immaculate.

Students then spent the next four lessons with their Character Development Coach and class indulging in activities such as getting to know each other, writing poems based on Belief, Motivation, Success (BMS), talking through their Me Capsules, having a tour of the school and more.

Everyone then convened in the main hall at the end of the day for a 45 minute celebration assembly where a large group of students performed in front of an audience of 200 students, 25 staff and approximately 60 parents and carers.  The performances included:

  • A short drama piece titled ‘An Innocent Little Year 7’ by Maddie Cozens, Archibald Atkins, Rosie Hurst, Chloe Rauch, Gideon Reuben
  • A piano recital of ‘Musette in D’ by Gracie Michaleson
  • A piano recital of ‘Festive March’ by Evie Smith
  • A guitar recital of ‘The Theme from the Magic Flute’ by Sophie Phillips
  • Acrostic poems by Casian Tegzes,Gabriella Styburska and Thisana Manoharan
  • A dance routine by 23 students

The quality of talent and confidence on display was superb.  The students were a credit to themselves, BMS and their families.

After such a good first day, the future looks very bright indeed for the current Year 7 cohort.

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