Year 9 students spent part of enrichment day focused on one of our core values. This involved a lesson and then a creative writing activity.

Mr Burnell’s class produced some outstanding pieces of work with a difficult task to appoint the best piece of the day.
Cameron, 9Beech was very close with a compelling short story but the winning entry from 9Beech went to James with his poem:
Drink from the flowing river of respect,
And force the ship of hatred to be wrecked.
Love one another with all your laden heart,
Be kind, be free, respect is an art.


Let go of preconceptions and start anew,
You never know what someone is going through.
Embrace everyone, forget gender and race,
So that prejudice disappears without leaving a trace.


Try not to be hurtful but caring and kind,
True happiness in this I promise you’ll find.
Respect is free to give and to take,
Spread it around, someone’s day you can make.
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