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Student of the Week – Issue 69

Kashan Malik
Student of the Week – Issue 69
Key Stage 3

Angela 8 Beech – Angela is an excellent ambassador for the school and a diligent and dedicated student.  Angela has over 250 achievement points and actively participates in student leadership as a house representative.  This week she spoke to the entire Beech House about the importance of participating in student leadership and the benefits during Beech House assembly!  She spoke confidently and was a complete natural!  Well done for all you efforts Angela and keep up the good work!

Key Stage 4

Kita 10 Ash  – Kita is an excellent students with over 200 achievement points, excellent attitude to learning and attendance!  She is always focused and prepared for learning!  Kita is also a musician and contributed to the fantastic Christmas Soiree.  What an excellent start to your GCSEs, keep up the great work!

Key Stage 5

David 13 Sycamore –  David is one of our hardworking and committed Year 13 students.

David has been studying very hard for his upcoming PPE’s.  He has shared some fantastic news with us; David has received 2 offers – 1 unconditional and 1 conditional – congratulations.He is extremely happy and is looking forward to his future plans at University.

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