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Road Safety near BMS
A few parents have contacted me recently quite rightly raising concerns about the traffic outside our school at peak times and I would join them in urging all parents and carers to think carefully about where you park to pick up your children at the end of the school day. As always the majority of parents and carers park some distance away from the school in an appropriately safe place with consideration for pedestrians, our local neighbours and of course other road users.
As a school we have requested and had a number of visits from the County Highways Agency who have conducted a number of traffic surveys at various peak times of the day and, as a result of our efforts, (although we haven’t to date secured a commitment to providing a pedestrian or zebra crossing) investment has been made in the local highways infrastructure.This has included improved road signage, the cutting back of trees and various traffic calming measures. Our Governors have also been involved in actively lobbying both local and county councillors in this regard.
 As a school we do take the safety of our students with the utmost seriousness – ensuring that all exits and entrances are manned at peak times by staff (each and every day) who remind and reinforce with students the need to be careful etc. We also try to reduce any anti social parking near the school, which may cause an increased hazard and also communicate to all stakeholders regularly about such matters through our weekly newsletter and groupcall communications.

Please continue to support our efforts and do all you can as parents and carers to ensure the safety of our students as they leave the school site at the end of the day.

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