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Student of the Week – Issue 64

Kashan Malik
Student of the Week – Issue 64
Key Stage 3

Shianne 7 Maple – Shianne has made an excellent start to her Bushey Meads journey with nearly 90 achievement points, excellent attendance and a great attitude to learning.  She has displayed excellent focus in lessons, and is dedicated and committed to her studies.  She puts in lots of effort into her class work and home learning and this is evident in the quality of her work.  Well done Shianne, we are very proud of you!

Key Stage 4

Ifeoma 11 Oak  – Ifeoma has made a tremendous start to her GCSE journey, being 6th on the leaderboard for achievement points in Year 10!  She also has 100% attendance and excellent ATL scores – the perfect recipe for success!  Ifeoma is described as a diliengent, hard working and enthusiastic student by her teachers and is a delight to teach!  Well done!  Keep up the hard work and you will achieve your potential!

Key Stage 5

Ben 13 Beech –  Ben is our conscientious and hardworking Head Boy.  He is currently studying hard and sitting his PPE exams.

In between all of this he is able to find time to help out with events, both in school and the wider community.  A remarkable role model for the younger years!

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