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PE Health and Health Faculty News (17th Oct – 13th Nov 2019)

PE Health and Health Faculty News (17th Oct – 13th Nov 2019)

Ashley Cartledge
Ashley Cartledge
PE Health and Health Faculty News (17th Oct...


Mr Cartledge Head of PE and Health

It was great to see so many students actively involved in Inter House sports events before half term. This included all KS3 students taking part in the annual Cross-Country races and then nearly 200 boys from years 7 -10 taking part in the Inter House Football competitions. There are many benefits both physically and mentally to be gained from taking part in competitive sport and the IH events offer the opportunity for large numbers of students to get involved. It was particularly pleasing to see the supportive nature of the students with some great evidence of sportsmanship and teamwork.

This half term sees all boys in years 7-9 taking part in rugby in core PE lessons. After the excitement of the rugby world cup we are looking to continue to develop the sport in school as part of the RFU’s ALL SCHOOLs programme. The focus is very much on students developing their core skills in a safe learning environment. This will involve contact rugby with students working in groups with other students of similar size and ability. To support us with the delivery ALL students are required to have a GUMSHIELD for all lessons. 

Lunchtime and after schools clubs, practices and fixtures continue this half term with the clubs changing activities in the next couple of weeks. Students are reminded to check the PE noticeboards, the school desktop, website and PE twitter for details of all clubs.



Well done ASH House – Champions !!

The last week before half term saw the traditional Inter House Cross-Country competitions for all students in KS3. The events are a great opportunity for all students to participate in some competitive sport whilst also scoring points for their house. The PE and Health Faculty staff were impressed by the improving levels of fitness displayed by many students and it’s always great to see the students encouraging and motivating the other members of their house teams.

After 6 races ASH House came out on top with a massive 1728 points closely followed OAK with 1715 points. For those who find the event difficult we continue to reinforce the healthy lifestyles message and remind students they should be 7 hours of physical activity a week to maintain a normal level of fitness. The top performers in each race are entered into the District Championships and we look forward to hearing how they got on next week.

The top 3 finishers in each race were as follows :


Yr 7 Boys (F) Yr 7 Girls (F) Yr 7 Boys (S) Yr 7 Girls (S)
1st S. Omar, Oak R.Savjani, Elm F Doherty WILLOW N.Donald, Elm
2nd  J. Roberts, Willow P.Pyra, Elm G Eldridge SYCAMORE K.Day, Beech
3rd A Gates, Ash M.Cozens, Ash J Wright OAK R.Hurst, Ash


Yr 8 Boys (1) Yr 8 Girls (1) Yr 8 Boys (2) Yr 8 Girls (2)
1st Jake Sims (Beech) R. Wheeler (Willow E Yeboah (Oak) S. Barrett (Willow)
2nd  Finlay Carpenter (Willow) K. Kovarova (Willow) A Parvaz (Oak) M. Acornley (Willow)
3rd Kyle Larkin (Oak) E. Ramalho (Sycamore) J Cartwright (Oak) J. Stevens (Maple)


Yr 9 Boys (F) Yr 9 Girls (F) Yr 9 Boys (S) Yr 9 Girls (S)
1st Ronan Ismaili (Oak) Megan Worley (Maple) G Gonzalez-Aller ASH Keely White (Oak)
2nd  Ari Ali (Oak) Ibiso Harry-Brown(Ash) D Richards OAK Holly Harris (Ash)
3rd Finnley Spencer (Oak) Emily Wood (Elm) Z Charrouf MAPLE Rakchiga Kajenthiran (Willow)

The overall Cross-Country results for each year group were as follows :


INTER-HOUSE FOOTBALL : Year group results

The annual Inter House boys football competitions took place over the last week of half term and as ever they were keenly contested with all the boys keen to score points for their house.

There were some really close tournaments with both the Year 9 and Year 10 competitions decided on goal difference. Over 200 boys from Year 7-10 took part in the competitions which was great to see with all matches being played in good spirit. Well done everyone that took part.

Winning squads :

Year 7 MAPLE C. Tegzes. K. Becht-Bozan, J. Bhatti, N. Morka, D. Atkinson.
Year 8 WILLOW Z.Alibahi, N.Bryan, F.Carpenter, H.Cherawalla, S.Galaiya, J.Laguthasan, T.Qarib, A. Parpia, S.Sheikh
Year 9 OAK R Ismaili, A Ali, D Richards, F Spencer, J Patel, A Wahabdeen
Year 10 ELM E Anthony. B Kabucho, A Kothary, F Faruque, J Agrawal

Overall results :

1st Maple (13pts) Willow (13pts) OAK (13pts) ELM (14pts)
2nd Willow (8pts) Sycamore (10pts) ELM (13pts) WILLOW (14pts)
3rd Ash (7pts) Ash (7pts) ASH (11pts) ASH (10pts)
4th Oak (6pts) Elm (6pts) SYCAMORE(8pts) OAK (10pts)
5th Elm (4pts) Beech (3pts) MAPLE (7pts) MAPLE (6pts)
6th Beech (2pts) Oak (1pt) WILLOW (4pts) SYCAMORE(5pts)
7th BEECH (1pt) BEECH (0pts)




U15 v St.Michaels (League) Home      Mr Symeou

Date : Wednesday 23rd October 2019

Result : Lost 10-1

Scorers: M. Eldridge

Commended performances : M. Eldridge

Comment : It was the first match of the season for many of our girls against a good St Michael’s team. The first half was quite even however St Michaels took their chances well. We scored early in the second but as we tried to get more players forward the game opened up and St Michaels were able to take advantage. A tough match but a good experience for some of the girls that had never played competitive football before. 


Year 7A v Queens (Friendly) AWAY  Mrs Wright

Date : Monday 21st October 2019

Result : Lost 11-8

Squad : N. Donald, E. Hauff, C. Rauch, K. Law, P. Pyra, E. Rogers, S. Phillips

Commended performances : E. Hauff, N. Donald

Comment :  It was our debut performance and an incredible one at that.  We had strength in both attack and defence and had far more opportunities to shoot than Queens in the first quarter.  At the end of the second quarter Queens were leading by two goals to one. The majority of goals were scored in the second half and it was here that our girls began to shine.  We had some quality passing from the back to the front of the court and some excellent movement around the circle. Our defenders were superb. In our next game we need to intercept the ball and maintain possession.  We also need to convert more of our shots. This team has great potential and we are excited about the upcoming season.

Year 11 v Queens (Friendly) AWAY  Mrs Wright

Date : Monday 21st October 2019

Result : Lost 23-19

Squad :A.Elman, B.Patel, A.Hutchinson, J.Benveniste, G.Brass, M.Hayes, S.Narroway, E.Rowe

Commended performances : J. Benveniste, S. Narroway

Comment : The team played with brilliance and by the end of the third quarter were winning by 17 goals to 12.  Due to the fact we had no reserves, it was our stamina that suffered in the final quarter causing us to deteriorate rapidly.  Queens were able to field double the amount of players whose strength shone through in the final quarter allowing them to tip the win.  A special mention to J. Beveniste who made some incredible interceptions that kept us in the game. Good luck in the next match girls.

Year 7A v Westfield (League) AWAY  Mrs Cooper

Date : Tuesday 22nd October 2019

Result : Lost 7-9

Squad :  N. Donald, E. Hauff, C. Rauch, K. Law, P. Pyra, E. Rogers, S. Phillips

Commended performances : N.Donald voted by the opposition.

Comment : This was a close game from the onset but made even more difficult when centre E.Rogers turned her ankle in the second quarter with the scores level.  A quick switch around saw N.Donald move to the centre position and C.Rauch pulled out of her normal position to cover the injury. The next ¼ remained close but without the luxury of a substitute the girls tired in the final ¼ and passes became rushed.  Westfield converted their chances and came away with the victory.  

Year 8B v Westfield A (Friendly) AWAY  Mrs Cooper 

Date : Tuesday 22nd October 2019

Result : Lost 19-15

Squad : K.Doshi, P.Mistry, E.Blake, H.Imansoura, E.Pearson, A.Asher, O.Hansen

Commended performances : H.Imansoura and O.Hansen voted for by the opposition

Comment : A close game which switched lead on numerous occasions.  BMS took a slim lead at the end of the first ¼ and the game stayed level until the last.  The last ¼ saw Westfield pull away and the Bushey team were unable to close the gap, however this was a much better performance than in their previous game.  We look forward to playing Bushey Academy after the Half term break.

Year 7A v St.Michaels (League) AWAY  Mrs Wright

Date : Wednesday 23nd October 2019

Result : Lost 12-6

Squad :N. Donald, E. Hauff, J. Verrey, K. Law, P. Pyra, C. Pullen, S. Phillips, L. Wurr

Commended performances : K. Law for absolutely brilliant defending

Comment :  We started the game slowly as were adjusting to new positions as a result of another injury.  At half time we were trailing 8 goals to 1. However in the second half we picked up our play and scored six goals.  This helped to raise the confidence levels of our shooters and they seemed much calmer responding to the St. Michael’s tight defence.  We are now ready to take on the next team after half-term and hopefully get a win under our belts. Great effort from all involved today and excellent play, particularly in the third quarter.

Year 10 v St.Michaels (League) AWAY  Mrs Cartledge

Date : Wednesday 23nd October 2019

Result : Lost 15-10

Squad : E Andrews, M Aravindan, CJ Lea, E Yeboah, S Zambarloukos, I Henry, G De-Venny. E Walsh

Commended performances : E Andrews and M Aravindan for fantastic interceptions.

Comment : After a shaky start the girls began to pass more accurately and were able to slow the pace of the game down . We won the second quarter as our play improved. Unfortunately St Michael’s shooting was very accurate and they took the lead in the third and final quarter. All girls worked hard during the game and never gave up. A great effort by all.

Year 8B v Bushey Academy (Friendly) Home  Mrs Cooper 

Date : Tuesday 5th November 2019

Result : Won 5-2

Squad : E.Cloote, A.Asher, E.Pearson, K.Ashby, E.Blake, P.Mistry, K.Doshi

Commended performances : A.Asher and K.Ashby voted for by the opposition and special mention to P.Mistry and K.Doshi for great interceptions and passing.

Comment : In a close game the Year 8 B team played really well to secure a deserved victory.  In a frantic first quarter the play was end to end but the BMS team tried hard to control the game and find space.  In the second quarter BMS dominated the play before going on to pull away from the opposition in the second half of the match.  Well done ladies a great victory.

Year 7 v Bushey Academy (League) Home  Mrs Cooper 

Date : Tuesday 5th November 2019

Result : Won 9-4 

Squad : K.Law, P.Pryra, N.Donald, E.Rogers, C.Pullen, E.Hauff, J.Verrey, S.Phillips

Commended performances : N.Donald voted for by the opposition, special mention to E.Hauff for great awareness and all-round play.

Comment : In a dominant display the year 7 netball team secured their first league victory of the season against local rivals B.Academy.  Playing strongly in all positions they took the lead in the first quarter and maintained this throughout the match. Showing good game awareness and looking to create and use space was the difference between them and their opposition and showed that the practice they put in is really start to pay off.  A fantastic result.


The last week has seen the annual Watford District Cross-Country Championships take place at Royal Masonic School in Rickmansworth. The race days are some of the biggest sporting events held in the year and involve around 1000 students from local schools across all age groups from Years 7-13.  This was a particularly special year for Bushey Meads with a BMS student becoming District Champion winning a race of over 100 students. RONAN ISMAILI in Year 9 produced a fantastic run racing away from the field in a very good time. Ronan always represents the Hertfordshire County Football squad showing a high level of performance across a range of sports. Other exceptional performances included PATRICK KOVAR in Year 10 and DAVID ALI LAUZZANA  in Year 13 who have both finished in 3rd place in their respective races to qualify for the County Championships in February. Well done to all of our students who took part in the races – all were a credit to the school showing high levels of effort and commitment.

Other top 30 finishers included :

Year 7 Boys : M McManus 23rd

Year 7 Boys : G Eldridge 27th

Year 8 Girls K Kovarova 16th

Year 8 Girls R Wheeler 17th

Year 9 Boys : G Gonzalez-Aller 18th

Year 9 Girls : M Worley 15th

Year 9 Girls : K White 27th

Year 10 Boys : M Machen 24th

Year 10 Boys : M Keough 25th

Year 10 Boys : E Anthony 30th

Year 11 Boys :  A Doody 12th

Year 11 Boys : C Mainwaring 16th


Year 10 v St Michaels B  (Friendly) AWAY Mr Cartledge

Date : Saturday 9th November 2019

Result : Won 3-0

Scorers : N Amoako 2, og

Squad : S Booth, N Amoako, E Anthony, M Chaudhury, C Lynch, M Keough, F Pierson, T Bates, T Barnes, H Khan, A Kazmi, A Kothary, R Mohammud, 

Commended performances :   Whole team

Comment : The Year 10 boys produced a really positive performance controlling the game for long periods and playing some good attacking football. The boys can now look to build on this result with the forthcoming league fixtures v SCD and Parmiters.

Year 9 v St Michaels  (District League) HOME  Mr Symeou

Date : Saturday 9th November 2019

Result : 9-1

Scorers : I.Dahmani 

Squad : G. Gonzalez Aller, K.Ford, I.Dahmani, A.O’Shea, A.Ali, A. Chaudry Shamas, B.Narroway, N. Haines, D.Richards.  

Year 8 v St Michaels A/B  (Friendly) HOME Mr Piper

Date : Saturday 9th November 2019

Result : 2-1 W

Scorers : F.Carpenter (2)

Squad : S.Sharma (GK), K. K-M (GK), A. Clark ©, K. Larkin, F. Carpenter, H. Wafi, J. Wheeler, N. Mitchell, N. Bryan, A.Sacikaran, T.Kannan, L. Georgiou

Commended performances : Entire Team

Comment : On Saturday we hosted St.Michaels who were a well organised team, particularly in wide areas. This saw them go a goal up in the first half and meant that we had a lot to do in the second half, to get a favourable result. The boys rallied round at half time and identified that if they were to get a result from the game they needed to ensure they tighten up defensively and offer more support to F.Carpenter, the lone front man. This plan was put into action in the second half where we scored two goals without reply, giving us the win. Well done to both teams, a great game of football enjoyed by all. 

Year 7 v St Michaels A/B  (Friendly) AWAY Mr Burnell

Date : Saturday 9th November 2019

Result : Won 2-1

Scorers : I. Harry Brown X2.

Squad : J. Roberts, C. Tegzes, A. Gates, G. Eldridge, J. Wright, K. Ford, I. Harry Brown, D. Ansu-Out, H. Weitzman, F Doherty. 

Commended performances : J. Roberts, C. Tegzes, A. Gates, K. Ford, I. Harry Brown, J. Wright,  D. Ansu-Otu.     

Comment : Saturday saw the year 7A team take the short trip down the road to St Michaels. The first half started evenly as both teams were playing some excellent football, creating many opportunities to open the scoring. However the home side took the lead midway through the half with a well worked goal. Having gone behind we responded well and leveled the scoring through a fantastic team goal of our own as the scores were level going into the break. We dominated the second half creating plenty of excellent chances to score and if it wasn’t for some excellent defending and goalkeeping from St Micheals we would have won the game comfortably. However with the final attack of the game we managed to secure the win through persistent play by I. Harry Brown. Overall a great team performance.


Date : Monday 11th November 2019

Result : N/A

Scorers : I. Harry Brown, S. Johnston, G. Eldridge.

Squad : H. Harris-Scott, K. Tinriover, C. Tegzes, A. Gates, G. Eldridge, J. Wright, I. Harry Brown, S. Johnstone

Commended performances : I. Harry Brown, A. Gates, S. Johnstone, K. Tinriover.    

Comment : Monday saw the year 7A team play in their first local 6 A-Side tournament. This was a fantastic opportunity to play another form of the game against some excellent opposition. Throughout the tournament the team grew from strength to strength and by the end were playing some excellent football. Unfortunately they were unable to qualify for the semi-finals but should be really proud of their efforts.  


Year 9 v Bushey Academy (League) Away Mrs Cartledge 

Date : Thursday 7th November 2019

Result : Won 19-2

Squad : A Deutron, M Sanchez, E Clarke, M Eldridge, H Nabi, L Jackman, S lea 

Commended performances :.L Jackman for strong shooting.

Comment : This was a great performance by the year 9 team . They dominated from the start demonstrating strong passing, interceptions and defending skills. A well deserved win.

Year 10 v Bushey Academy (League) Away Mrs Cartledge 

Date : Thursday 7th November 2019

Result : Won 16-12

Squad : E Andrews, G De-Venny, E Walsh, E Yeboah, CJ Lea, M Aravindon, I Henry, E Homes, S Zambarloukas

Commended performances :CJ Lea for accurate passing and effective movement on court.

B Academy player of the match- M Aravindon.

Comment : This was a good performance for the Year 10 team showing strong interceptions and good movement on court. The girls deserved the win with their continual effort and determination throughout the game.

Year 7 v Croxley Danes (League) Home   Mrs Wright

Date : Thursday 7th November 2019

Result : Won 9-8

Squad : E. Hauff (captain), K. Law, P. Pryra, E. Rogers, S. Phillips, C. Pullen, J. Venney

Commended performances :E. Rogers for excellent movement into spaces and high quality passes and P. Pryra for incredible defending

Comment : What a terrific performance from our year 7 team tonight.  The game was well matched throughout with a one goal difference at the end of each quarter.  In the second quarter Croxley Danes took the lead but we maintained our solid composure and secured the win.  A particular praise for the team play that was demonstrated throughout the match with superb passing and some wonderful interceptions and rebounds.  The team are showing progress in every game that they play. Keep up the great work.

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