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PE and Health Faculty News

PE and Health Faculty News

Ashley Cartledge
Ashley Cartledge
PE and Health Faculty News


Y8 Boys v Rickmansworth  (District League)  AWAY  Mr Cartledge

Date : Wednesday 2nd February 2022

Result : Lost 68-22

Squad : J Gladdy, D Mahmud, A Dinu Juravle, A Linsdell-Turk, M Tregear, W Towill, K Pamplona, J Coady, S Patel, E Ansa-Otu, N Ashworth

Comment: With the Rickmansworth main basketball court out of action the year 8 boys played two 4-a-side basketball matches with a combined score giving the final outcome. Rickmansworth were certainly the strongest team the boys had faced which made it a tough evening for the BMS squad. However the boys showed great commitment particularly on defence in the second half when under a lot of pressure. The boys continue to make progress with shooting remaining a key area to focus on.

Y7 Boys v Rickmansworth  (District League)  HOME  Mr Harris

Date : Wednesday 2nd February 2022

Result : Lost 20-14

Squad : L. Avci, E. Henry, G. Amoako-Wiredu, N. Walters, N. Konopka, H. Hayward, J. Cunningham, J. Parkes, B. Neulaender, K. Banfield, H. McManus, C. Pearce, H. Wills

Commended performances : J. Cunningham, B. Neulaender

Comment: Following on from our win a few weeks ago against Grange Academy, this week we took on a strong Rickmansworth side. We started the game extremely well, taking an early 8 – 0 lead, with three layups scored by J. Cunningham and a shot by H. McManus. We started with a strong fast break down the court leading to scoring of our layups. We fought hard for the rebounds and managed to win lots of them. At the end of the first quarter the scores were 8 – 2 to BMS. Straight into the second quarter, Rickmansworth came out strong with their players fighting to win the rebounds at the basket and managing to score some excellent shots. We tried to create some chances but unfortunately they just wouldn’t go in. We battled well and contained them as much as we could but ended up going into halftime with the score 10 – 10 to Rickmansworth. In the third quarter of the match, it was a cagey affair with both teams not managing to score many baskets. The score at the end of the third quarter was 14 – 14. Finally into the final quarter Rickmansworth showed some excellent shooting and took the game away from BMS. We lost in the end 14 – 20 to Rickmansworth, but all the boys worked incredibly hard and fought for the team, well done to all involved.


Y8 Boys v Croxley Danes (District League)  AWAY  Mr Cartledge

Date : Monday 7th February 2022

Result : Lost 24-15

Scorers : J Gladdy 11, E Ansu-Otu 4

Squad : J Gladdy, A Dinu Juravle, W Towill, K Pamplona, E Ansa-Otu, N Ashworth, O Alao, Y Khan, K Patel, A Muraj

Commended performances : J Gladdy, E Ansa-Otu

Comment: The year 8 boys produced their best performance of the season with improvements seen on both offence and defence. After going behind in the first half the boys had a really strong second half with special mention to J Gladdy who produced an excellent individual performance. Unfortunately the boys just came up short but can be proud of their efforts. The team have worked hard to improve and further shooting practice should lead to further developments next season.


Y7 Boys v Croxley Danes  (District League)  HOME  Mr Harris

Date : Monday 7th February 2022

Result : Won – 14 – 10

Scorers : J. Cunningham, B. Neulaender & N. Konopka

Squad : L. Avci, G. Amoako-Wiredu, N. Konopka, H. Hayward, J. Cunningham, J. Parkes, B. Neulaender, K. Banfield, H. McManus, C. Pearce, Z. Woolf, H. Wills, K. Gibson, H. Neal.

Commended performances : J. Cunningham.

Comment: A fast start in this game saw visitors Croxley Danes quickly on the back foot. J. Cunningham started the game in form by scoring a quick basket with a cool layup. Soon after, B. Neulaender added to the score with two baskets himself taking the score in the opening 4 minutes to 6 – 0. As the half progressed, Croxley Danes grew back into the game, getting a few baskets of their own closing the gap on the scores. After that we continued to make progress and scored 2 more baskets of our own to finish out the first quarter 10 – 4. The second quarter was much quieter, a cagey defensive battle for both teams with the only points coming from N. Konopka midway through the quarter. The score at the half was 12 – 4. We were in a commanding lead, the third quarter was another cagey affair, J. Cunningham scored another basket with another layup to increase the score. Croxley Danes had a successful half, scoring 4 points themselves to cut the deficit down. Into the final quarter and we wanted to maintain our lead and see out the victory, Croxley Danes came at us with a number of promising attacks but our defence managed to hold out. We did eventually concede in the final quarter shortly before the end but there was not enough time for Croxley Danes to make a full comeback. The score finished BMS 14 – 10 Croxley Danes. Excellent work from all those involved today, we are working hard on the court for each other and playing like a team. Congratulations to all involved with the win, onto the next game.


Y9 Boys v Croxley Danes (District League)  HOME  Mr Burnell

Date : Tuesday 8th February 2022

Result : Won 42 – 15

Scorers : S. Milbury, S. Mosanenzadeh Fard, K. Ford, T. Sookhoo, H. Cooper.

Squad : S. Milbury, S. Mosanenzadeh Fard, K. Ford, T. Sookhoo, G. Eldridge, K. Gurney, C. Keough, H. Cooper.

Commended performances : S. Milbury, K. Ford, S. Mosanenzadeh Fard, H. Cooper.

Comment: Tuesday saw the year 9 basketball team play their second game of the season against a good Croxley Danes side. The away team started the stronger of the two teams as they created some excellent chances to score. However, we quickly grew into the game establishing a lead at the end of the first quarter. The game evened out and only a few points were scored. This was mainly down to good defending and missed opportunities. The third quarter saw the team establish a 20 point lead through some excellent buildup play and clinical shooting. The final quarter was much of the same with the team playing some excellent basketball. An excellent start to the season for the year 9 tem but still plenty of room for improvement.


Y10 Boys v Croxley Danes  (District League)  HOME  Mr

Date : Tuesday 8th February 2022

Result : Won 30-13

Scorers : T Qarib 15, L Georgiou 7, A Clark 4, H Wafi 2, B Fletcher-Gray 2

Squad : T Qarib, L Georgiou, A Clark, A Khan, M Simmonds, H Wafi, R Puspasen, B Fletcher-Gray, Y Nagathevan

Commended performances : T Qarib, whole team on defence !

Comment: The boys produced an excellent team performance particularly on defence to clinch their first win of the season. Some excellent shooting from T Qarib saw the boys take the lead early in the first half and it was great to see 5 different players on the scoreboard. The second half saw the boys play some of their best offence with L Georgiou showing excellent movement and range of passing. The highlight of the teams performance was the defence with all boys contributing to an excellent display.



Y9 Girls v Immanuel (League)  HOME  Mrs Cooper

Date : Wednesday 2nd February 2022

Result : 22-7 Win

Squad : K.Law, P.Pryra, N.Donald, S.Mullings, E.Rogers, J.Verrey, E.Hauff, M.Cozens

Player of Match : E.Hauff – voted for by the opposition

Comment: This was a great performance from the yr 9 team who completely dominated their opposition and earned a deserved victory. From the first whistle they moved the ball well through the court with fine attacking passing from E.Rogers, J.Verrey and S.Mullings and with E.Hauff, well supported by M.Cozens, on fire in the shooting circle BMS took a commanding lead.  The second quarter saw Immanuel begin to find their passing game and the defence of K.Law, P.Pryra, and N.Donald were made to work hard to intercept and regain possession which they consistently did. The girls in the team and the whole of the year 9 squad have worked really hard this year. There has consistently been 18 students regularly attending practice and this was a victory for all of them. Their hard work and commitment is really paying off.  Well done ladies.


On Saturday 5th February the Hertfordshire County Cross-Country Championships took place at Westminster Lodge, St Albans. It was great to see the event take place again after the cancellations of the last 2 years due to covid. Archie G in Year 9 qualified for the Junior Boys race and put in a very good performance in a highly competitive race with a big field of over 100 athletes.


Hertfordshire Young Coaches – Mrs Cooper

On Friday 4th February, I was delighted to accompany 14 students, who had applied and been selected, to undertake a Herts Young Coaches Training session at Hatfield University.

This is the first time we have entered students in this program and it was great to see the girls actively engaged in the activities on offer. The students took part in both theory and practical sessions aimed at developing their confidence and skills to assist become young coaches. With a wide range of students from all over Hertfordshire attending it was great to see the girls interacting with new people and responding so positively to the course facilitators.

The girls will undergo further training in the coming months before being used to help facilitate the Herts Schools games in July.  In preparation for this they will be developing their coaching skills in small group sessions both at school and in the trust primary schools.

The girls undertook seminar’s on warm up’s and motivational techniques as well has how to plan coaching sessions to engage students. Observe, engage and listen were key themes they were asked to think about throughout the day and will be required to consider going forwards with their coaching experiences.

Understanding the step and smiles principles of coaching was also key to being able to build and develop the girls coaching sessions and start on their process of developing a club.

Embracing the opportunities that females can have in sport was also key to the course, breaking down stereotypes and empowering the girls to challenge such ‘societal images’ and to be proud of who they are and their involvement in sport.

The students were positive role models throughout the day and clearly gained a lot from the sessions they were involved in.

Participants: E.Cloote, L.Slight, A.Chaudhry, L.Krikler, P.Pryra, E.Hauff, S.Mullings, M.Cozens, E.Williams, R.Savjani, I.Payne, J.Verrey, J.Levitan, N.Donald



It’s always nice to hear about the activities that students participate in outside of school. This week we heard the great news that F and A Luffman (yr8) had been successful in their recent cheerleading exploits. The girls who train and  compete for Twisted Cheer and Dance (link below) were taking part in a competition in a build up to the Cheer Summit in April. The girls placed 4th and 2nd in their respective team competitions which is a great step towards achieving their goal.  Well done, both of you!

For any parental enquiries about any aspects of PE contact the Head of PE and Health Faculty Ashley Cartledge [email protected] . For any specific issues related to Girls PE and girls fixtures contact Sarah Cooper [email protected].

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